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Retroactive Swearing

Retroactive Swearing, a silly podcast by Maxwell Black and Silvano D'Agostino

S02E05: Hashtag Sponsor the Pod (with Bardi)

Silvano D'Agostino

The shoutout episode.

  • I Wish This Could Go Out Uncensored
  • Who Should’ve Won?
  • What is Bruno Mar?
  • No, That’s Fahrrell
  • It’s Gotta Be Rat-Tat-Tat as Opposed to Skrrr-Pop
  • Just Gonna Shout Him Out on the Pod, Too
  • The Most Expensive “That Was Easy Button”
  • That Man Fucking Produced My Adolescence
  • Shoutout
  • I Also Hope Irony Transfers
  • I’m Plugging Everyone Today, Baby
  • Infowoke
  • Hashtag Sponsor the Pod
  • LA is Full of the Trashiest, Scummiest People—Me Included
  • Intellectual Gang
  • Is Wisconsin a State?
  • Gang Gang
  • Y’all Won’t Do The Dishes And I’m Sick of This Shit
  • It’s You Alone in a Room, Completely Naked
  • How Far Away Am I? BEHIND YOU!
  • I’m Too Thic to Be on Tinder Like That
  • I Would Love to Hear What These Old People Think About Lil Xan
  • I’ve Often Thought About How I Want My Life to Be Autotuned
  • If You Have Refried Beans, You’re a Fucking Stanky Human
  • Cordon Bleu
  • I Became a Cornhole When I Was a Little Boy
  • Pancakes with Ketchup
  • My Family Always Jokes…
  • It’s Like Eating a Vacuum
  • I Don’t Thirst
  • You Hate Soup, This is Amazing
  • I Have a Theory About Peas
  • The Future is Grim

S02E04: Peppa Pig Poop David Lynch

Silvano D'Agostino

The way late episode.

(We apologize for this episode’s delay. Life is complicated and editing is hard. Also, it was very windy on the sixteenth floor that day of recording…)

  • So, I Got Notes Now
  • Maybe That’s How They All Got The Same Macklemore Hair
  • You Could Just Have an Anime Girlfriend
  • We’re All About Sex-Positive Feminism, But Eventually We’re Going to Have to Move On
  • Dick in the Mail
  • Do You Think That We Should Respect Robot Marriage?
  • The Upcoming Twenties
  • The Kids and The YouTubes
  • What I Like to Call “Elsa Spiderman Poop”
  • Mr. Manhattan Just Saw a Really Cool Word
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake
  • Just a Prank, Bro!
  • Christian Rock is Just Like Dylan
  • Really Jesus Would Be An American If He Were Here Right Now
  • When’s The Worst Time to Figure Out How to Hold Your Breath?
  • I Saw Wonder Woman Coz Hashtag Feminism
  • Hitchcock Pregnant Needle
  • A White Supremacist Eating Poop
  • Now We Can Only Destroy
  • This Is OK Because We Can Make More Apps
  • Everyone Is a Temporarily Embarassed Millionnaire
  • I’ve Been Watching Some Boiler Room DJ Sets

S02E03: Rapid Expansion of the Darkness

Silvano D'Agostino

The onyx episode.

  • Do You Wanna Talk About Email?
  • We Need to Limit the Size of the Observable Universe
  • The Maxwell Black University
  • He Had No Knowledge of Words
  • IKEA Naming Convention
  • I Want a Bunch of Little Silvs
  • The Padawan of the Silvs
  • Eventually You Would Reach Final Silv
  • I Wouldn’t Even Fuck My Clones
  • This is a Little Bit Like Apple and Microsoft
  • A Literal Army of Associates
  • The Act of Killing
  • On Killing
  • More of a Camp Than a Campus
  • Spread the Darkness
  • Onyx
  • You Just Don’t Like the Woods
  • Maxwell Black 2; Spreading Darkness
  • I’m Really Busy Recording This Podcast
  • Nothing’s Gonna Happen
  • Artificially Create the Right Kinds of Crises
  • They’re All Just Puddles of Muck

S02E02: Outrageous People Across All Nations Unite

Silvano D'Agostino

Our funniest episode yet. We can't wait to see what you do with it.

  • Close Your Eyes, Take Your Eyelashes, and Pull
  • Looking in the Mirror and Trying to Make Yourself Smile in a Natural Way
  • Albert Einstein!
  • You Also Were Advocating for Sharia Law in High School?
  • Down Syndrome in Iceland
  • There Was a Time When People Would Dress Like Billboards
  • Signaling Theory
  • Behavioral Sink
  • They Do Bitcoin
  • “Shit On Me”
  • I Used to Whistle a Little Bit in Wisconsin
  • The Winston Churchill of the Holocaust
  • You’re Not Doing Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s Doing You
  • We Don’t Need to Be Thinking About Death All The Time, But…
  • There’s No cmd+z For Society
  • Let’s Say You Ejaculate Into Horse Dung
  • Sterile Joe
  • I’ve Never Tasted Urine
  • I Love My Thic Curvy ATP
  • Holding on to the Very Few Things We Still Have That Make Us Human
  • You Wanna See My Hologram?
  • The Tim Ferris of Music

S02E01: You're a Horse That Ate Poison

Silvano D'Agostino

Max and Silvano are back with everyone's favorite educational podcast!

  • The World Is Not Even the Same
  • J.J. Abrams Gave a TED Talk
  • Five Minute Histories
  • Someone Who Has Conversed in the Circles of Lads
  • Could You Maybe Please?
  • If You Join the Sesh, You Gotta Stay Committed
  • The Romantic Comedy We’re All Watching Tomorrow Night
  • When The Worm Bites Its Own Tail
  • Do You Flip the Flipped Upside-Down?
  • What If Our Twitter UIs Are Really Different, Man?
  • It Wasn’t About Slay Queen
  • The Universe Threw Me a Strawman

S01E01: We're Always Recording

Silvano D'Agostino

In this first iteration of Retroactive Swearing Max and Silvano talk about the play (or film?) Max wants to make, creation vs. thinking in general, religion (because we want to upset everyone right away), where intellectual curiosity comes from, curiosity for curiosity’s sake, philosophy and the impact it has had on our lives as well as sleep, the beauty of the night, and the end of science, politics, and all the great ideologies.