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Retroactive Swearing

Retroactive Swearing, a silly podcast by Maxwell Black and Silvano D'Agostino

S02E04: Peppa Pig Poop David Lynch

Silvano D'Agostino

The way late episode.

(We apologize for this episode’s delay. Life is complicated and editing is hard. Also, it was very windy on the sixteenth floor that day of recording…)

  • So, I Got Notes Now
  • Maybe That’s How They All Got The Same Macklemore Hair
  • You Could Just Have an Anime Girlfriend
  • We’re All About Sex-Positive Feminism, But Eventually We’re Going to Have to Move On
  • Dick in the Mail
  • Do You Think That We Should Respect Robot Marriage?
  • The Upcoming Twenties
  • The Kids and The YouTubes
  • What I Like to Call “Elsa Spiderman Poop”
  • Mr. Manhattan Just Saw a Really Cool Word
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake
  • Just a Prank, Bro!
  • Christian Rock is Just Like Dylan
  • Really Jesus Would Be An American If He Were Here Right Now
  • When’s The Worst Time to Figure Out How to Hold Your Breath?
  • I Saw Wonder Woman Coz Hashtag Feminism
  • Hitchcock Pregnant Needle
  • A White Supremacist Eating Poop
  • Now We Can Only Destroy
  • This Is OK Because We Can Make More Apps
  • Everyone Is a Temporarily Embarassed Millionnaire
  • I’ve Been Watching Some Boiler Room DJ Sets