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Retroactive Swearing

Retroactive Swearing, a silly podcast by Maxwell Black and Silvano D'Agostino

S02E01: You're a Horse That Ate Poison

Silvano D'Agostino

Max and Silvano are back with everyone's favorite educational podcast!

  • The World Is Not Even the Same
  • J.J. Abrams Gave a TED Talk
  • Five Minute Histories
  • Someone Who Has Conversed in the Circles of Lads
  • Could You Maybe Please?
  • If You Join the Sesh, You Gotta Stay Committed
  • The Romantic Comedy We’re All Watching Tomorrow Night
  • When The Worm Bites Its Own Tail
  • Do You Flip the Flipped Upside-Down?
  • What If Our Twitter UIs Are Really Different, Man?
  • It Wasn’t About Slay Queen
  • The Universe Threw Me a Strawman