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Retroactive Swearing

Retroactive Swearing, a silly podcast by Maxwell Black and Silvano D'Agostino

S02E05: Hashtag Sponsor the Pod (with Bardi)

Silvano D'Agostino

The shoutout episode.

  • I Wish This Could Go Out Uncensored
  • Who Should’ve Won?
  • What is Bruno Mar?
  • No, That’s Fahrrell
  • It’s Gotta Be Rat-Tat-Tat as Opposed to Skrrr-Pop
  • Just Gonna Shout Him Out on the Pod, Too
  • The Most Expensive “That Was Easy Button”
  • That Man Fucking Produced My Adolescence
  • Shoutout
  • I Also Hope Irony Transfers
  • I’m Plugging Everyone Today, Baby
  • Infowoke
  • Hashtag Sponsor the Pod
  • LA is Full of the Trashiest, Scummiest People—Me Included
  • Intellectual Gang
  • Is Wisconsin a State?
  • Gang Gang
  • Y’all Won’t Do The Dishes And I’m Sick of This Shit
  • It’s You Alone in a Room, Completely Naked
  • How Far Away Am I? BEHIND YOU!
  • I’m Too Thic to Be on Tinder Like That
  • I Would Love to Hear What These Old People Think About Lil Xan
  • I’ve Often Thought About How I Want My Life to Be Autotuned
  • If You Have Refried Beans, You’re a Fucking Stanky Human
  • Cordon Bleu
  • I Became a Cornhole When I Was a Little Boy
  • Pancakes with Ketchup
  • My Family Always Jokes…
  • It’s Like Eating a Vacuum
  • I Don’t Thirst
  • You Hate Soup, This is Amazing
  • I Have a Theory About Peas
  • The Future is Grim