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Retroactive Swearing

Retroactive Swearing, a silly podcast by Maxwell Black and Silvano D'Agostino

S02E03: Rapid Expansion of the Darkness

Silvano D'Agostino

The onyx episode.

  • Do You Wanna Talk About Email?
  • We Need to Limit the Size of the Observable Universe
  • The Maxwell Black University
  • He Had No Knowledge of Words
  • IKEA Naming Convention
  • I Want a Bunch of Little Silvs
  • The Padawan of the Silvs
  • Eventually You Would Reach Final Silv
  • I Wouldn’t Even Fuck My Clones
  • This is a Little Bit Like Apple and Microsoft
  • A Literal Army of Associates
  • The Act of Killing
  • On Killing
  • More of a Camp Than a Campus
  • Spread the Darkness
  • Onyx
  • You Just Don’t Like the Woods
  • Maxwell Black 2; Spreading Darkness
  • I’m Really Busy Recording This Podcast
  • Nothing’s Gonna Happen
  • Artificially Create the Right Kinds of Crises
  • They’re All Just Puddles of Muck