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My name is Silvano D’Agostino; in no particular order, I seek to spend my life in the following five areas:

  1. Storytelling: I want to tell stories that move and inspire people, both fictional and non-fictional.
  2. Academia: I want to extend our knowledge of the ways in which incentive structures explain social behavior.
  3. Consulting: I want to help people and organizations turn into the best versions of themselves.
  4. Entrepreneurship: I want to make fantastic products and run fantastic projects that delight people and enhance their lives.
  5. Big Picture Thinking: I want to consider the long-term future of humanity by thinking about the overarching issues we will face and by setting up the basic foundations for future generations to solve them.

As of the summer of 2018, I am actively pursuing A, B, and C. I suspect that further activity in an additional area would be well-nigh impossible while maintaining a healthy social life.

I have written more about my plans and thoughts below. Soon you will also find my resume and full CV here.

Specifically, these five areas translate to the following in terms of my current and future plans:

  1. Three mediums currently interest me to tell stories (more may evolve over time and I ought to keep an open mind about new ways of storytelling): podcasting, visual media, and written prose. I write constantly (though publish rarely) and want to significantly contribute to at least one nonfiction and one fiction book. I seek to make significant contributions to the production of fiction films and make at least one feature nonfiction film. I want to continue podcasting, both jokingly and seriously.
  2. I wish to pursue a PhD in social psychology (or a closely related field) and research how social incentives as understood through game theory shape human behavior. I can see myself applying this knowledge in the realm of the business world as well as in various other domains (politics, aesthetics, and religion, to name a few).
  3. As a Junior Partner at Change Solution, I seek to help outstanding individuals and organizations succeed by applying my ability to understand complex relationships quickly, identifying core missions, and analyzing how to achieve them (more successfully). I would, further, like to help young, aspiring, impressive individuals succeed and find their path in life at various stages, from university applications to summer and post-graduate plans to, eventually, further career decisions and navigating the various worlds such individuals choose to enter. Finally, I write and I engage in speaking events, including on matters of productivity, life choices, humans in organizations, or the ways in which incentive structures shape our behavior.
  4. I believe I could help evolve and improve a number of products and institutional projects, including but not limited to: bags and other fashion items; a digital, personal map; restaurants and hotels; concert halls and movie theaters; cutlery and silverware; pens; desks; and more. (If you are working on any of these and would like some additional input, please get in touch.)
  5. The short-term urgent problems the world and our societies face are not “my” problems—my position of privilege allows me, perhaps coerces me, to instead take a long-term perspective. Questions around Artificial Intelligence, resource management in an interplanetary future, and the purpose of human life in a world of abundance are some examples of what I would like to spend time considering.

Of course my ideas, ideals, hopes, and dreams continuously evolve; the relatively abstract ideas above have, nevertheless, been long constants in my life. Even after years considering these matters, I am always eager to learn more, reconsider my position in light of new evidence, or engage in productive debates about the questions at hand. All that is to say: please do reach out with any and all thoughts or ideas.