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Thanksgiving 2013

Silvano D'Agostino


Two years ago, I celebrated my first Thanksgiving with my host family – it was lovely and I think of Thanksgiving as the nicest holiday to be celebrated, so first of all I am thankful to have been able to create that memory! I don’t care too much for Christmas, as I don’t care too much for Christianity; I couldn’t care less about my birthday because what the hell do I need to celebrate that for, I party hard and show the world it should be glad to have me 24/7/365.



Thanksgiving is different, though. Even just completely disregarding the cultural background, being thankful and mindful is important, and yes, also 24/7/365 – but we begin to take things for granted, when we are blessed with them regularly and recalling how lucky we are, remembering what is really important to us and getting together with the people we love[1] to share these thoughts with them.



I am not only thankful, but grateful to have my Mom as a supporter and “roommate,” and I truly hope she feels the same way. I really appreciate everything she has done for me, although I am by now taking many jobs off her hands.
I am furthermore so happy to be a part of my community. Only recently, I consciously realized I’ll be gone in less than a year – and that’s a scary thought because I’ve come to be quite attached to the projects I participate in. Then again, I cannot wait for what’s to come and am simply glad I have gotten so many great opportunities to do cool things. Plus, I know I’m leaving my little world in good hands, hands I’m proud to have co-formed and hands I hope will form more hands in the next few years. I believe in you!
Most importantly, I am utterly thankful for the few people who I feel understand me even just to some degree, one of them better than anybody else, better than I ever hoped anybody would. I consider myself so lucky to have found them because two years ago I honestly believed I would never find anyone like those few I then came across. They’re still very rare, but they give me the strength and willpower to continue striving for the best.



I am just really thankful to be alive and well; I enjoy every second of it and I make use of every moment as best as I can.












    Granted, if you live in the US Thanksgiving may, depending on your family situation, turn into an annoying visit to people you feel obligated to love. In Germany this is easier for me, as nobody celebrates Thanksgiving anyway, so I can choose the people I spend it with freely.  ↩