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Silvano D'Agostino

I strive for perfection, although I am fully aware most of the time I will not achieve it. The one thing in life where I decided I would not settle for anything less than perfection is love.

There are some seven billion people on this planet, and I dare say each and everyone of them is different from the other. I have met very nice people, people I admire for who they are or what they do. I have met people I thought were incredibly stupid. I have also met people I considered to be close enough to perfect for a moment or two, since they were better than the average, they stood out in some way or another. They seemed to suit me. But every time, I had to realize, rather sooner than later, that they were far from what I was striving for: Perfection.

Perfection, of course, is objective. There are no criteria to measure perfection. You cannot examine someone in different categories and test them on different scales and say, "OK, you score a 7/10 on my perfection rating, I kinda like you, but we will not happen, missed it by three points." Even if you attempted that, chances are your best friend would rate the same person differently or—at the very least—for different reasons. Similarly, one cannot even look at oneself and state, "I am (not) perfect," at least not universally speaking.

So when I say I will not settle for anything less than perfection, I do not mean to say the person I decide to settle for needs to like all the things I like. They do not have to share my opinion on everything. They do not need to look a certain way or have similar or the same hobbies I have. Nothing really matters, as long as there is that certain connection between two people. He's moving abroad and you'll have to try long-distance? You'll make it work! She is three years older than you? So what!

When I talk about perfection in love, I am—and I know this is going to sound a little weird—referring to the kind of simplicity and ease of use Apple applies so uniquely to all of its products. There is never anything to worry about, you simply enjoy it, every single day of your life.

You think you are way too busy to make a relationship work? Trust me, you're not—that person is just not your perfect fit. If they were perfect, you would make enough time, there would not need to be any excuses, there would be no annoying habits. You would not just say there was nothing you would change about that person, you would actually and literally mean it. You would enjoy your love every day and you would grow together. You would always understand each other. It would just work.

[Update: The original post, at this point, used to say: "And it does." Well…]