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The About Me I Hate

So, you have decided you really deeply desire to read more about me, when I really dislike writing about it. Oh well…

I was born and raised in Bremen, Germany, a city of roughly 600,000 up North, close to Hamburg, as the son of an Italian immigrant and a German mother. My sophomore year of high school I spent as an exchange student in a small town in Wisconsin in the middle of nowhere. Upon return, I finished my high school education, completing both the German high school diploma (Abitur) and the International Baccalaureate diploma at my beloved Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium Bremen. On the side, I managed several different projects, most notably our local Model United Nations conference, ELMUN; think of it as a startup whose product is a conference I led with a close friend.

Today, I live in Cambridge, MA, and study at Harvard College. My academic interest is the interdisciplinary application of game theory and evolutionary principles to the study of social behavior. In this realm, I am currently conducting some research on how social incentives shape aesthetic preferences. I have additional experience with filmmaking and ethnographic fieldwork.

Outside of academia, though sometimes in close relation with it, I care deeply about consumer technology, especially pertaining to Apple, as well as all kinds of media.

Lastly, while I care about politics, I have largely stopped consuming the news. The problems I am most interested in cannot be addressed in short legislative periods (nor necessarily even within a lifetime).

I consult. Don't ask unless you really want to.

If you would like to keep in touch, Twitter will do you best—as my social network of choice, it serves as my main feed every day (though I take breaks more frequently than I used to and am more known for hilarious likes than my own big brain thoughts). You can also use this contact form regarding any and all inquiries.