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Team Jules & Silv

Oh Jules… how did we get here?

I remember meeting you at dining hall tables, sitting across from you and thinking how cool and interesting this person was. I already admired you greatly for your strength and approach to life and cleverness and all-around fabulous thoughtfulness.

When I first asked you for advice, sitting down in those couches in that little Mather alcove, talking to you about things the likes of which only Finn would hear, I realized that you were going to be in my life for a long time—but I barely noticed how you became my best friend, the person I have been closest to and to whom I always want to be closest. 

I love being your friend, Jules, and I am beyond glad that I get to continue being your friend for the rest of our wonderful life.

Then I got to become your family member for a while in a very strange but real sense. I always trusted you like one trusts close family members, and I remain endlessly grateful to you and the Lewis’s and Ackerleys for allowing me to come so close so quickly.

You show me what life with a family can be, and you make me want to live that life. I now get to live it with you, I’m committing to that as I commit to you, and I promise you that I am working incredibly hard to make it the best life you and I could possibly live, as a family, every single day.

Then we also became lovers—only after taking the most excitingly innocent bath of my life—and I have loved every aspect of being your lover, your romantic partner, the person with whom you go through life. The number of details I love about you is countless:

I love your smile and your laugh, both the honestly-funny one and the kind-of-dirty-funny one. I love that I can trust you and would trust in you every aspect of my life without hesitation. I love the smell of your hair and how it feels under and between my hands when I play with it as I did the first night we kissed. I love how much you care, about us and our life. I love your love for New York. I love your baking and our cooking. I love your desire to experience life fully, with me. I love the feel of your skin under my hands. I love sleeping with you. I love our sexual adventures, and the many more we will share. I love sleeping next to you and waking up by your side. I love your stories from any part and time of your life. I love your butt. I love your taste in media, food, fashion, and lifestyle choices. I love that we can take baths in luxury hotels, go camping, fly together, take trains together, drive places (*cough*), sit in cafés, sit by rivers, go to concerts and shows and museums and events, visit friends, cook, play, read. I delight in our life, I want every piece of it.

I want to be an invincible, inseparable team with you. I want us to know, deeply inside of us, that we can rely on each other, forever and always.

I love you, every last single tiniest bit of you and of us. I hope you know I always want to talk to you about everything, and we have certainly talked about this—but it means the world to me to ask you today, right here, right now, just after 11:03 on 11/3, ten days before we will get married, when I will ask you again, every year of our perfect life: